Ballerina at the Annual Phoenix Summit in February

It’s never fun having a sinus infection on the road.  As my father-in-law informed me (he is also a pro-sinus infection sufferer) the flight may be a killer.  4 hours from IND to PHX… great. Man, was it unpleasant descending into Phoenix yesterday afternoon.

Phoenix is great, beautiful, just how I left it.  It is strange but this city and particularly this airport is like a 3rd or 4th home.  After coming here twice a year for 5 years, we sort of know our way around.  However, the 70 degree temperatures in February will always come as a welcomed surprise.  It was lovely walking around in my Pennsylvania Ballet t-shirt today (from the Nutcracker that I attended over Christmas holiday).

We are preparing for 2200 educators tomorrow! After set up day at the convention center, I walked over to the CVS here in downtown Phoenix. Luckily, my Dr’s office could call in a prescription for me since I am a repeat sinus infection patient.  🙂 Oh, the perks… totally kidding.

With my hair up in a bun, since we were doing some heavy lifting and intense set up preparation today, the pharmacist asked me a question that caught me off guard.  After realizing my hair-do and the aforementioned t-shirt, I realized why.

“Are you a dancer?”

“Yes.” I was so excited about my prescription (I guess) and was so surprised by that question. I can’t believe I lied!  I didn’t mean to and I certainly love to think of myself as a dancer but my 15 years of Nancy Mulford Ballet Studio is well behind me unfortunately. Although I do own Ballet shoes and occasionally work out to the NYC Ballet DVD featuring my favorite SJP. But seriously, I am not a dancer.

And so have you ever accidentally lied to a stranger and just had to go with it?

“Where are you performing?” asked the beautiful redhead behind the Phoenix CVS counter.

I could have said, the theater down the street but I just casually mentioned, “Oh, I am traveling for work, totally separate from my dancing.”  What a dork I am, I know you know this.

So as I fluttered and pirouetted home, to the Hyatt Regency, I was laughing so hard I had to call Mom just to tell her.

So, off to Scottsdale.  A few ladies that I work with and I are visiting the Fashion Square Mall.  This is a mall to die for.  Wish me luck.

5:30 AM start tomorrow as we welcome 22oo educators to our Summit. I love Phoenix and the killer cacti.

Killer Cacti, Hey Dude

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