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Hi! My name is Kim!

I firmly believe in the verse “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required,” Luke 12:4. I’ve been given 3 strong, healthy boys. So much is required of me and I am blessed.


This is a blog I started back in 2010 before the little boys came along. Here, I have shared my stories as a newlywed and wrote about travel, my work in event planning, recipes/DIY and health/fitness. Now, I focus on my favorite topic, Being a Mommy.

I am a Believer, Wife, full-time working Mama, a part-time graduate student working towards my MBA & a writer for fun. I am also an optimist, problem solver, peacemaker, crazy-running-busy mom just trying to keep my stuff together. I truly value my friends, family and my mommy tribe.

And I guess this makes me a Mommy blogger.

I want to share my stories as a Mom to three sweet but sometimes wild boys, document their firsts, provide some useful tips and insights, and maybe make you laugh a little along the way too.

This blog is written and edited by yours truly. Although I have no formal training whatsoever, writing is my creative outlet, my passion. And it makes me happy.  I would be thrilled to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback. Also, in the midst of this day to day chaos, I challenge myself to “write it down”.  I hope to one day, when I am older, be able to look back and remember the big and small moments with our three boys when they were young. This helps.

Please, add your email address to follow me and you’ll get an email every time I post something new and exciting.

And finally, I love taking and sharing my photos. So, I promise you, in this blog, to never use stock photography, ever. Promise.








Writer, for fun

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