The boys


Hunter’s birth story in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine

wp-image-1420174346jpg.jpgHunter K school photo 2018
nickname: Hunter Man
eye color – brown like daddy’s
birth weight/height: 7 lbs 13 ounces, 21 inches
first thing Mom said when he was born: “He has red hair!”
birthday – April 14
favorite color: green
what the doctors say: “You have your hands full with that one.”
favorite food: noodles
favorite animal: his dog Remi
favorite word: Hey!
future occupation – farmer, whatever allows him to be near a tractor (and animals)


The birth of Deacon in P&N magazine

Deacon’s birthday

nickname: DD
eye color – green like mommy’s
birth weight/height: 9 pounds even, 21.5 inches
first thing Mom said when he was born: “He is really big!”
birthday – January 8th
favorite color: blue
what the doctors say: “He’s off the charts, gonna be a big one- watch out Hunter!”
favorite food: everything, absolutely everything
favorite animal: his dog Remi
favorite word: “Thank you!”
future occupation- linebacker, football player, baller

Baby Wyatt

Half Year


nickname: Nugget
eye color – still baby blue
birth weight/height: 7 pounds, 4 ounces, 19.5 inches
first thing Mom said when he was born: look at all of that hair!
birthday – March 6
favorite color: yellow
what the doctors say: tiny and mighty
favorite food: mixed veggies
favorite animal: his brothers!
favorite word: Dog!

Josh, Daddy

And last but not least, the one who stole my heart and makes me smile every day. Josh is incredibly smart, hard working and a people person. He has more friends than anyone I know. The boys are crazy about their daddy. Caring but firm- he is the reason we don’t have a wild, crazy, out of control little army. He is supportive, loving as well as daring, adventurous and pushes everything to the limit. Josh is like no one else I know and I am one lucky girl.