For my friends, Part 2

Being pregnant through the wintertime has been a blessing but we can’t plan it that way. Whether you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, watch the Gap’s sales online and if you can make it to the Gap Maternity store on Black Friday where you can find 60% off everything. I know that everyone doesn’t love Gap as much as I do but I have found that they have the best quality maternity clothes and you can get all of the basics. Old Navy is pretty good too. It’s easy to buy these clothes early on because you just have to buy your pre-pregnancy size. Some items, especially pants, may be a little loose at first but you will grow into them soon enough! Some shirts and dresses are purely 3rd trimester clothes that you can wait to wear later or invest in a few really cute belts.

Belts look adorable under your bump in the beginning and then worn up high when your babybump grows. The Gap’s camis’s are wonderful and I wear them every single day. I think I have 7 or more. I bought 2 pairs of their skinny denim, a pair of black and gray pants for work and a variety of cute tops and dresses. I didn’t invest in many sweaters because since being pregnant, I stay much warmer than usual. I have tried not to go too crazy spending money on maternity clothes but I won’t pass up a good deal either.

I have been overall disappointed in Motherhood Maternity and Macy’s maternity section is about the size of a closet with very limited options. It’s worth looking but I wasn’t too successful there except for tights and stockings. I wear dresses about 3 times a week to work, they are soooo much more comfortable than anything else and look really cute. You can’t really wear your old stockings very well. Stretchy pants will probably last you through your entire pregnancy, I didn’t need to buy pregnancy size- I will wear my old ones. Also, old PJ’s and sweats will probably fit you through your pregnancy- just wear your favorite long shirts or get some basic pregnancy tee’s.

Nothing will ruin new car smell like pregnancy (aka take out and pizza).

Pinterest is your friend. Look for tips, best websites, nursery decor, anything! My favorite website that I found is and Just beware because people may notice your pins and wonder what you are up to if you haven’t made the big announcement yet. I also got the magazine Fit Pregnancy, it comes out once every 2 months. Of course, we read What to expect when you’re Expecting-  classic.

You registry may stress you out a bit. I found myself asking why are there are so many options and what do I really need?! Ask a friend, or me, anyone that has had a baby recently to help. My mom was hoping to help and ended up being as intimidated as I was. We left Buy Buy Baby without scanning one item after our first trip. You can also get a registry consultant at Buy Buy Baby if you feel comfortable doing that. I found it easiest to build the registry online because you can read other people’s reviews and price compare with more options. Then, you can go to the store and check the items out that you registered for. I registered for more expensive items at Buy Buy Baby because you can use your Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons which ended up being a better price compared to other stores. A friend of mine registered at Amazon- a very smart option too.

Nesting is a real thing. Warn your husband about it early on. It drove me crazy that we were moving and there wasn’t anything that I could do to set up the nursery. We just built the crib and changing table together last night- 1 day past being 37 weeks pregnant. It’s ok, relax, it will all come together. It isn’t worth stressing over anything. You baby knows when you are stressed out and it doesn’t help to worry.  We don’t want to have stressed little babies! I have tried to take a calm, laid back approach for the most part. This is easier because 9 months is a long time. You have plenty of time to plan and prepare. If it helps, build a spreadsheet early on with all of the things you hope to accomplish with timeframes built in. Then, take things one at a time. And if you need help, always ask.
But yes, you are going to want to nest and get things ready for your baby and make everything perfect. It’s a good opportunity to get some projects completed and just remember 9 months is plenty of time to accomplish any task.

Have lunch or spend time with new moms or talk to colleagues about anything that is on your mind. Ask them your burning questions. It’s fun to hear different opinions, gather suggestions and feedback from those that have gone through pregnancy and birth recently.

Just remember pregnancy and baby planning is unique to everyone. You can drive yourself crazy doing research online. Be happy, enjoy it!

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