For My friends – Part 1

The ups and downs of pregnancy- some highlights and tips for my friends-

Everyone loves a pregnant woman, you will get many, many smiles from complete strangers- makes you want to wear more than sweats or PJs to the grocery store.

Cravings were at their highest in the first trimester- this will vary for everyone but if you find yourself constantly looking for your favorite foods, whether salty or sweet, don’t worry- It won’t be like that your entire pregnancy.

Take your vitamins! That’s probably the most important thing you can do early on. Take pre-natals before you hope to conceive. Doctors stress that it is important to have folic acid in your system before you get pregnant. Continue taking pre-natals with folic acid and omega 3’s for the duration of pregnancy, every day (or night). If the pills make you sick in the first trimester, take them at night. Later on I had to take iron pills too since I wasn’t getting enough probably because I don’t eat very much red meat. NBD.

We know it’s important to drink plenty of water but you probably won’t have to remind yourself- I found myself to be very thirsty and craving water all of the time. Now I sleep with a bottle of water next to my bed, take drinks while I have nightly bathroom trips and finish it before morning. Remember what goes in, must go out. Plan on spending plenty of time making potty trips.

Yes, it stinks to cut back on caffeine. There is no doubt about that. However, if you don’t lose your taste for coffee (I did at different times during pregnancy) try decaf with some caffeinated poured in. I did a lot of research here, out of concern, and have learned that most doctors deem it safe to consume 200 mg’s a day which is the equivilent of one cup.

Be prepared, your big growing belly is an adjustment for your husband too. It’s fun to expereince it together. Later in pregnancy, he can listen to the heart beat by putting his ear up to your stomach. I used to lay behind Josh with my belly on my back so he could feel all of the kicks and movement at nighttime. Now I’m too big for that and like my own space in bed. 🙂

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