1 more month till ONE for Wyatt!

Wyatt is 11 months old!

This is my prayer, every single night. Lord, please give me all the strength to be the Mom they need.

So, of course it makes me sad to think that Wyatt will officially be a baby for just 1 more month. But so much about him is a big boy already. Wyatt is moving out of the nursery classroom at daycare next week along with 3 of his little buddies. He has 4 teeth and 2 more on the bottom coming in now. Wyatt got his first haircut in January and is a little walker. He has been practicing for a while but can now get from room to room and even change direction when walking. (His shoes trip him up though.) I am not ready for this!

Wyatt prefers to spend most of his waking moments in his high chair and eats every type of food. He even tried cow’s milk is a sippy cup this week! My favorite thing to give him is thawed, frozen mixed vegetables (peas, green beans, carrots, corn). He loves them so much, it probably feels good on his gums and Mama loves that he gets his veggie fix. He also loves eggs, his puffs, yogurt, fruit, meat and cheese.

Wyatt can wave hi and bye (sometimes), gives open mouth kisses, and laughs when we play peek a boo. I have been trying to teach him the sign for ‘all done’ and he just laughs at me when I do it. He loves to cuddle with Daddy the best and does all he can to keep up with his big brothers. Wyatt loves his dog, Remi, and I even caught him laying his head on him the other night. Also, I think it is going to be hard to break this boy of his pacifier one day soon.

Savoring every last minute of this last month.

First IU Football game 

We went to an IU football game on a Saturday last Fall with Hunter and Deacon when they were 3 and 5 years old. My mom was offered suite tickets at her work and we thought this could be a great first experience for the boys. I know expecting them to sit and watch a whole football game in the hot sun would be asking a lot at these ages. While they watched the game vs Ball State from “way up above”, their favorite parts included face painting, walking around the stadium, the food, talking to other IU fans and just the overall experience of being there at a football game. Hunter said, “There are a MILLION people here!” which seemed true. Deacon loved his new hat and the candy they had in the suite.

At the time, I didnt realize how much of an impression this made on Deacon. It is amazing to me, just how impressionable they are at their little ages. Experiences like this means so much to them and they just may remember it forever. He loved the whole experience so much. And as long as he has been capable, he has shown an interest and talent, as a young boy, in throwing balls. Actually, when I asked him what type of birthday party he wanted, without hesitation he said, “IU Football!” It was as if he had thought about this already. His answer came with that same exactness as when his aunt asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween (it was Labor Day 2017). “I want to be Santa!” he yelled with excitement. (And Santa he was!)

And so IU football it is even though it’s January and the season is, well, over. I am having fun planning games for the kiddos.

How do you have an IU football theme party, you ask? You go to Party City and throw together a good mix of the IU tailgate decor along with Super Bowl football stuff and Presto! His wish will come true for his 4th birthday.

I’ve always enjoyed planning for the boys parties and we have had themes that range from Mickey Mouse to Construction trucks to Paw Patrol to Sharks. And even dinosaurs for Deacon’s 2nd birthday! I have to say, while I would absolutely love a Ballerina theme birthday party for a little girl, boys are just so much fun. What have been your favorite kids’ birthday party themes?

Anyway, it is SO exciting to live in a big college town. Here are more photos from their first IU football game. And they won!! Go IU!