Deacon is 5!

DD ❤ Our great, big, middle brother.

Kind, caring, sweet, content, sensitive, smart, accident prone and Loud. Deacon still has the longest goodbyes, making it so hard to leave him every day for work. It never gets old. He is also the one who always tells (yells loudly to) his grandparents, I love you several times when leaving their house. His heart is so big. He even hugs his teachers all day long!

And yes, accident prone too. He visited the ER last March AND April (the night before Easter actually) for stitches on his face. True to form, I received a phone call at 4 PM the day before his 5th birthday notifying me that he and another child ran and crashed into eachother while playing in the gym. I feel bad for whomever got caught colliding with Deacon’s head. And now DD has a black eye for his 5th birthday…

Family in West Virgina – Dec 2019

It was SO nice to have so much quality family time over the past few weeks during the holidays. We were able to go to see Frozen with Mimi, Polar Express with Nana, visit NJ to have Christmas with family, see Frosty with Aunt and Uncle, play with many cousins, friends and also lounge around and relax. He and I thoroughly enjoy lazy days off cuddling under our blanket and watching Paw Patrol.

And now, somehow, Deacon is 5!

We hope your day is as special as you are DD! 💙🎈 We all love you so much! Now, its traditional that the birthday fairy, they know its Mommy, visits the night before birthdays…

Shhhhh birthday boy!!

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