also know as Daddy

Josh went all the way from Indiana to Ft. Lauderdale in March of 2006 to meet his future wife from New Jersey, on Spring Break, no less. We were married in January 2009. He is the one who stole my heart and makes me smile every day.

Josh can be quiet, modest and the last person to tell you all of the people that he helped any given day. He is selfless and caring. Josh is incredibly smart, hard working and a people person. He honestly has more friends than anyone I know. The boys are crazy about their Daddy. In fact, Wyatt lights up whenever Josh is in the room and he is the only one who can put our youngest to sleep each evening.

Josh manages and has owned his own business for 10 years now. (Ennis Tree & Lawn) If you ask the boys what daddy does, their respons is “Daddy helps people.”

Caring but firm- he is the reason we don’t have a wild, crazy, out of control little army. He coaches and teaches the boys how to play baseball and also how to fish, garden, farm and ride bikes and 4-wheelers. He is supportive, loving as well as daring, adventurous and he pushes everything to the limit. Josh is like no one else I know and we are so lucky to have him.

A Decade Married and Making the Impossible Possible

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