Things I’ve learned

“Most learning theorists suggest that learning is a lifelong process of self-development or change of behavior through self activity. For many people, this can happen as a result of attending events.”


Well, it’s been a while- Greetings from the Pacific Coast and therefore Pacific Standard Time 😉

Have you ever had something in your life where if you weren’t focusing all of your spare time on it, you felt guilty?  Well, I allowed something in my life to take focus and it was a great challenge but also something I needed; a hold on everything else if you will. Thanks for bearing with me.  Simply put, I haven’t had to do this much studying since college.

I commend my brother, best friends, all of you whom have recently studied for school, exams, college classes, their masters, to get certified, begin a new career & continue their journey of professional development. What an amazing opportunity. In this day and age when nothing is certain and our economy is unstable, make the best of what you can and learn with every opportunity you get.

I have delayed everything else to focus my time on studying and am excited to get back to my old self.  Josh will be happy that his wife is back and able to cook dinner every night consecutively again, watch movies with him as opposed to “Yeah,  put on something I won’t like so I don’t get distracted“, and be a better house keeper again. For instance, we put our Christmas tree away, Friday.  I am so embarrassed. You know this is not like me.  Also, on a personal level, I am excited to get back to my regular routine and will start with some 7 AM Zumba and Pilates classes this week and have a “Fun Run/Walk” 2K/5K Wednesday morning at the beautiful Seaport Village here in San Diego.

Oh yes, by the way, San Diego is my home for the week-  6 nights & 7 days of Southern California; 70 degrees in January and a ton of long hours contributed to professional development for myself and 7 of my colleagues as we attend the Professional Convention Management Association’s Annual Conference, called Convening Leaders (in other words, a conference for conference planners!)

Some of my team and I at Convening Leaders, Las Vegas- January, 2011

When I graduated from college 6 years ago, I didn’t know I would find this career in which I am so passionate about in meeting planning.  I feel privileged to be here to learn and immerse myself in this industry and count my blessings every day. I am looking forward to the next several days of networking and 18 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) coming my way. As you know, more to come.

Good to be back.

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