I love Sundays. Usually I wake up and think of the millions of things I want to accomplish.  Usually it starts with a long run and I return feeling even more energized…water the garden, bathe Maggie & Brooke, shopping, cooking, cleaning, prepping meals for the week, read and study, movies with Josh and maybe a little work. But recently I have become inspired by my good friend, Colleen.  Grant & Colleen recently moved here as Grant is starting his new veterinary practice in town.  So Colleen inspires me because she is so crafty, creative and resourceful!

I had to make a trip to Office Depot to get ink for our printer so I could print and mail my application to the Convention Industry Council to take my Certified Meeting Professional test.  Finally I have met all requirements; at least 3 years in the industry, over 25 Continuing Education Units and a hefty resume. ANYWAY, right next door was Michaels… after an hour (or so) I left with the following items-

1. 2 11×17 stretched canvas
2. 1 8 x10 stretched canvas
3. 5 spools of green ribbon
4. 3 spools of lace print ribbon
5. quilt batting
6. Elmer’s wood glue

I left feeling so inspired and bursting with creativity. I want to paint my own wall art on these canvases but am not ready for it yet.  I need my brushes and paint and might want to paint something this fall with the colors of autumn.  Now Colleen finished her dining room chairs and I needed to do just that! Both our dining room set and back porch set needed recovering desperately.  I cut up my old curtains because they are thick, a gorgeous green, striped and shiny (as opposed to matte) to make them a little formal. The quilt batting was easy to cut up for 2 layers of cushioning and a simple stitch in each corner and I was done 5 dining room chairs and 4 out-door chairs! I think Maggie likes them too…

Out door chairs now with padding and coverings

Dining room antique set passed down from Josh's family

Now, what did I do with all that canvas and ribbon?  I few glue dots and scissors and I created a temporary card-hanger note board thing.  Whatever, it will do until I am ready to paint. The ribbons are just affixed to the back. It’s a great way to display all of our thank yous and recent wedding invitations!

Cute earthy ribbons display cards

I can feel more DIYs, How-Tos and RECIPES coming up next!


For Now, off for an evening run with Josh and his Cannondale!

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