Surround yourself with love, Part 1 – FAMILY

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you do and see so much, you wonder how will I remember it all?  Let me try…


I flew into Philadelphia on a gorgeous Saturday morning.  My trip was multi-purposeful but the main reason was to celebrate Ashley’s wedding shower on Sunday. Since Kevin was leaving for a work trip Sunday morning, he picked me up from the airport at 9 AM with Christine.  I will take every chance I can get to spend time with my little brother. We met Mom and Dad and had a great breakfast at a DINER!  I definitely miss my family and friends in NJ and diners too… A big breakfast as a family is a big deal to me and appreciate Kevin making fun of me when I ask, “Instead of hash browns, can I just have a banana?” Anyway, I don’t know if you know but my brother is kind of a big deal.  He recently took his boss’ job as a promotion and was going to Massachusetts for his first business trip. He pretty much landed a dream job and his company will pay for him to finish his master’s degree and he gets to work from home one day a week! AMAZING!

Saturday night my cousins, Billy, Sherri, Emma & Justin, Granny, my neighbors, Justin, Eileen and Sara-Paige all came over for dinner.  Whenever I am home, I try my hardest to see as many of my family as I possible can.  My Granny is amazing and it is always special to me to see her, give a big hug and she makes the BEST food! I had so much fun playing with Justin, Emma and Sara-Paige.  

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The rest of the weekend, I had a blast with Mom and Dad in Atlantic City and Ocean City, NJ.  Dinner at PF Changs is always a highlight and I appreciate the opportunity to catch up with my parents to talk about work, life, politics, weddings, how proud we are of my little bro (Did I mention this already?) and everything in between!  Mom and I hit it big on the wheel too, hehehe. After a BIG night, we headed down for breakfast.  In the elevator, looking for the Lobby button, Dad asked which one is it?  I replied “C for COFFEE, I mean casino…” Loooove me some coffee.

Ocean City, NJBefore departing for Syracuse, my last summer work trip –  Lunch with Aunt Dawn was amazing at Bartucci’s!  We got to hear about her recent big vacation to Nevada and California.  Hearing all about WINE COUNTRY really makes me want to go there soon! Aunt Dawn, Mom and I had so much fun chatting and enjoying Italian!

I can’t say enough how important it is for me to see all of my family near and far.  There is no better feeling than being with the ones you love!

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