A few of your favorites from over the years

The Power Of Your Mommy TribeRead full story here

How I decided to go back to school as a full-time working Mom of 3

Excerpt- Of course I was stressed and overwhelmed by the thought of missing my first class coupled with being just 6 hours postpartum.  But I then learned that I could watch it later, recorded. You see, online classes are designed for flexibility. They are built for 27-year-old engineers balancing a full time job, work related travel, a girlfriend and grad school. Online classes must also be designed for a 34-year-old mother of 2 who works full time but is currently in the hospital delivering another baby, right?

One Giant Leap for Working MomsRead full story here

Excerpt- What she helped me to realize was that speaking in front of the group, behind the podium, I was setting an example, taking a stand for all of those working Moms in the audience. All of the working Moms who have to make the same hard choices in their career, and somehow carefully balance work and their family. I was so supported by this woman, the group and my colleagues, for that little moment, it honestly felt like one giant leap for Working Moms.

The Many Phases of MomRead full story here

Excerpt: Your new routine becomes normal, you match their clothes for fun and your oldest can talk now, is potty training and can be a sweet little helper. You can start bathing them together and maybe, just maybe, things are getting easier. You feel yourself relax a little and you don’t worry so much about the small stuff. You are a pro by now! A fly on the wall might say, “Aren’t you going to do something about that?” when the kids are in disarray. But no one is getting hurt, or in danger and for goodness sake, you just sat down. “It’s fine.” you say way too often and your parents wonder why you are letting them do that.

Giving Yourself an A+Read Full Story Here

Excerpt- There are so many times where I reflect on the day and question myself and all that I did. Did I read them enough books? Did they watch too much TV? Are we teaching them all of the important life lessons? (Heavy, I know.) Did I ignore them when I was trying to care for the baby? Did I let the baby climb the stairs while I tried to cook chili? Did I forget something I promised them? Am I spread too thin?? Did I finish that conversation? (Very likely, no) Did I stay up too late writing this blog? (Yes) I question myself so much at times. And I give myself a “B” instead of an “A+”. And also, many times I feel on top of the world and give myself an A+ because I do it all and feel so accomplished. Does anyone else do this? Are we our own best critics?  I think, thankfully God gives us tomorrow and we all have an opportunity at an “A+” day, a chance to say sorry or teach a lesson or try over or be better or have another chance. And then I say my nightly prayer, as their Mom, asking for strength to raise these 3 boys.

Packing Light with KidsRead Full Story Here

Excerpt-To be honest, the packing for our flight as opposed to a road trip was SO much easier. We decided we were going to pack as light as possible. (I tend to overthink things and pack more than necessary because you never know…) We decided we were taking 1 suitcase with all 5 of our clothes and shoes for a 7 day vacation. We could buy diapers, baby food, sunscreen, umbrella and beach necessities there and the place we were staying had a washing machine in the room. Also, we had a full kitchen and bought breakfast and lunch food there too which just added to the convenience.

A Decade Married and Making the Impossible, PossibleRead Full Story Here

Excerpt- As we grow, learn, open up our beautiful, little minds and day after day stretch the impossible to possible, we take in so much about life and all that it has to offer. I had the time of my life as a newlywed in my 20’s but now I wouldn’t trade this stage of life for the world. I smile and look back at my 25 year old self and realize how much I just didn’t know that I was capable of doing until I pushed myself. And pushed myself some more. And then further and further as friends, family and colleagues encouraged me too. I wrote a business plan and enjoyed everything I got to do at work with my team, I trained for a half marathon and ran it (only once), started another event planning business with a couple of friends, ran events (and closed the business too). I began this blog and traveled to about 10 new cities each year, allowing me to visit friends and family and make new friends along the way as well. Thank God, I have learned SO many lessons along the way. I had a lot of growing to do.

#3 – He or She? Read Full Story Here

Excerpt- So, we found out Monday, October 23rd at 9 a.m. – I had ordered balloons on Sunday- a #3 for our third child, some white balloons and then had to pick out pink and blue and would follow up with the results. I thought, well they love balloons and revealing the gender with pink or blue may help them to understand if they are getting a brother or sister.Well, I guess I should have explained this box full of balloons a little better…

Mom Guilt Read Full Story Here

Excerpt- A newborn takes so much of your time and attention, all day, every day. Thank goodness for Dads and family members who can help to balance that with the older siblings and give them some extra time and attention. But, us moms still sometimes feel that guilt that we aren’t giving enough attention to the older ones, right? And it’s not that we aren’t but that we really can’t at times even though we really want to.