Daddy’s Little Girl

Happy Father’s Day Dad

So, I have to admit, it is sort of a sad day for me today only because I can’t see my Dad on Father’s Day.  I am tearing up now as I write this.  It’s not so much that I can’t be with my dad today, but probably just the fact that it has been quite some time since I have seen dad…  well it has been 2 months since he and Mom flew out here to stay in our home for Easter.  Anyway, I just genuinely enjoy being in Dad’s presence, seeing him, spending time with him and sharing stories.  I admire his honesty, entrepreneurial spirit, giving nature and sense of humor.

Dad and I with my friends at my and Josh’s engagement party, 2008

I found a great Father’s Day card for Dad; 2 actually.  The one was classic- it had a motorcycle on the front (from Josh and I) of course.  But the other was to a Daddy from his daughter.  The card explained our great relationship and how I see him as my hero.  My Dad is absolutely my hero.  I think back on growing up and have so many great stories and memories.  My Dad has always been involved in my and Kevin’s life to the fullest extent.  My brother and I still talk about how lucky we are for the greatest parents in the world.  We were always trusted to make the right decisions, have never ending love and support, went on more family vacations than we can count and were always encouraged to be our best.

My dad was my softball coach (all 14 years) and we have many memories on the BGSL fields. Dad never got frustrated with me when I just couldn’t seem to hit the ball when I was just starting out.  He didn’t make fun of me for running on my toes or for wearing a GAP hoodie in left field.  He encouraged me to be a better player, threw pitches in the back yard, went to every single practice, bought me a really nice bat and even sent me to a hitting camp.  We will both remember my very last game, the best game of my life. That is just the type of person and parent that I want to be.  I admire my Dad for so many reasons and this is just one simple example.

My dad used to wake up early before work and used to vacuum our 4 foot above ground pool every morning in the summer for us to enjoy.  I remember watching him standing on the deck that he built cleaning the pool just for Kevin and I.  My Dad attended all of my ballet recitals, 14 in total… and sat through them all.  (I remember my grandfather used to fall asleep during all of the other dances until it was my turn, how cute.) Dad always swam with me in the lake and the ocean and still does when we get the opportunity.  He taught me how to ride the waves (bodysurf), catch crabs at Misty Morning Marina in Ocean City, NJ, fish in the ponds of Cape Cod and even how to wear seaweed as a beard.  Dad always rode the roller coasters at theme parks, let us ride with the top down on that shiny red X-90, dressed up in silly Halloween costumes, made late night milk shakes and home-made pinatas that were so great they never broke open.

Of all of the times we have shared over the past 26 years of my life,  we had our most special moment  just about a year and a half ago.  On January 2nd, 2009 we shared our Father/ Daughter dance to “Isn’t she lovely?”, a song that Dad would sing to me when I was just a baby.  I remember him whispering into my ear how perfect this day was and how this dance meant so much to him.  We weren’t crying but we were both grinning from ear to ear the entire time.  We said things to each other during that dance that I will never forget. Not only did Dad give me the wedding of my dreams, but we shared some very special moments ourselves that day.  It was all I could have ever hoped for and more.


“Isn’t she lovely?”

I know that my Dad just wants the best for me as hard as it may be that we live 3 states away.  I know he just wants me to be happy and couldn’t have been more supportive during the most difficult transition in my life.  Not many people liked the idea that I was moving to another state for the man I fell in love with on Spring Break.  It was my Dad’s support that helped me more than anything. He knows me and trusts that I can make life changing decisions with a good head on my shoulders because I was brought up under his and mom’s guidance.  Also, my Dad’s patience, encouragement, trust and love  throughout my life has helped mold my personality and helped me to become the strong, confident person I am today.

These are just a few reasons why my Dad is my Hero and I will always hold him close to my heart.


January 2, 2009

2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s my cousin Bob! With so few Oliver girls, I’m glad Bob was one of the lucky ones to have a beautiful, loving daughter.


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