Spring flowers

I save all of those cute pots that they make me at daycare and school and repot them each year. Of course a couple have broke over the years due to foul play (“Mom, we can just duct tape it!”) but for the most part these are intact. (Thank you, teachers! These are the best gifts.) And I have several pots that I’ve acquired that I like to fill each year with fresh spring flowers.

So, this weekend, we chose flowers and added a few to the front landscaping too. Josh refreshed the mulch and added a new boxwood recently. Wyatt picked out orange marigolds. Hunter chose large potted Dahlias and Deacon potted muti colored petunias.

Even though I was regretting all of my life choices when I brought them to Lowe’s (solo!) this weekend, in the end they did a good job choosing colorful flowers. Per tradition, I let them each choose at least one on their own spring flowers that they liked. We bought a bag of fresh soil, they unloaded the flowers with their red wagon, potted and planted and watered. They were all great helpers, I hardly had to do a thing! It was 70 degrees and sunny and we worked in the grass and sunshine. I am glad to wave the wintertime away and embrace almost summer weather.

I read a chapter or two on the porch surrounded by our spring flowers today. Vegetables will be next! How did you enjoy this beautiful spring weekend?


2 thoughts on “Spring flowers

  1. Nanny says:

    It was such a beautiful day and I’m sure the boys loved planting their flowers. They can enjoy watching them grow over the summer. I took Wyatt last year and he picked orange marigolds. Each week he would look to make sure they were flowering.


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