1st Recipe ~~HOMEMADE SALSA~~

What’s better than homemade salsa in the summertime?  Using your homegrown veggies from the garden that Mom & Dad helped plant and my husband kept alive by watering as I traveled all summer long!  So, it’s a family effort for sure…  And isn’t so satisfying when you get compliments on food you prepared?  This is super easy and I LOVE making food!

Ingredients for my salsa:

  • 4 slicing tomatoes
  • 1-2 red onions
  • 1 green or red pepper
  • fresh cilantro
  • 1 medium jalapeno
  • garlic (fresh or jarred)
  • garlic salt to taste


And so you know what to do!  Chop it ALL up as small as you can and be careful with those knives!  (Your wedding knife set takes time to dull out a bit and so they stay pretty sharp for a while, or so I have heard…) Josh and I love onions and peppers so we add more than most may prefer.  Taste as you go and you can always add more.  When chopping the jalapeno pepper, you absolutely have to cut it up as small as you can or else someone is going to get one HOT BITE!


Mix all of your chopped veggies, garlic and cilantro in a large mixing bowl really well.  Make sure you retain all of that great tomato juice and guts from the cutting board. If you want to get creative, some other great salsa ingredients that we like are:

  •  lime juice
  •  chopped peaches (Amazing!)
  •  pineapple bits
  •  corn (canned, fresh or blackened)
  • cherry tomatoes
  •  black beans
Serve your salsa at a party, bring it to your friend’s pool party (thanks Mike & Megan!), bring it over for dinner with your in-laws or just keep it in the fridge for dinners this week.  Want less calories than tortilla chips? Try pretzels!
Party ready!

All ready for friends, family, work or dinner this week

As you eat your salsa throughout the week, make sure to stir it up well for best taste~ It’s your salsa du jour!!

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