Learning the meeting planning industry today

So, in an effort to share intellectual property OR just to provide some fun facts for you all, I will list some of the more interesting things in which I have picked up in my text books and research (and won’t bore you with the algebra of calculating attrition and the ROI of a meeting to an organization)-

1. in banquet catering, a plate should be placed 1 inch from the edge of the table

2. Exhibitions can be traced back to the 13th Century at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany) which still takes place annually (The Press from my company attend!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt_Book_Fair

3. In a typical theater style keynote session, each attendee = 13 feet of meeting space (considering space for AV and furniture)

4. At event receptions, if you do not provide plates, your guests will eat less. Passed hors-douvres are the cheap way to go. Only plan seating for 25% of your capacity to encourage networking.

5. When talking, Latin Americans (especially Brazilians) stand closer than people in European countries or North America.

6. A “rider” is a clause in a contract where talent (speakers, musicians, etc) specify their individual needs (first class airfare, chilled diet coke, stocked mini bar…..)

7. When selecting a professional speaker for your event, government speakers are most likely to cancel than any other type (author, entertainment, and so forth)

8. July is considered a low season in Paris and yet a high season in Cannes. (Booking my flights now!)

9. In risk management, to avoid negative exchange rates when planning international meetings, “buy forward” at an exchange rate on a date prior to your event.

10. For a 1 hour hosted cocktail receptions, when ordering, average 1 ounce liquor, 5 mL wine and 12 ounces of beer per person per hour. This should take care of every type of drinker out there.

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