January 2nd

January 2nd ♡

In this decade, we have continually celebrated our marriage. We have changed jobs, started businesses, grew as professionals, moved several times. We became pregnant, parents, saw our parents become grandparents for the first time!! and our brother and sister become uncle and aunt. We became brother and sister in law x2! We saw our babies grow, thrive, brothers becoming big brothers. First steps, first words, first baths, first day of school outfits.

We traveled so much, so many road trips too and for that we we blessed. Also, we celebrate my ability to not have to travel for work. We saw our best friends pregnant and grow their family and attended so many of our dearest friends’ kids birthday parties and celebrated with them every step of the way.

In this century, I unexpectedly lost 3 uncles, grandparents. Josh sadly lost some friends. Josh played matchmaker and that may have been the highlight of his century! We dealt with deaths and sickness, the good times and the bad. We have taken our own child to the ER. And then again a month later. We added new words to our vocabulary (nebulizer, mastitis, ear tubes) and all of their coinsiding medications. Through sickness and health.

It’s all about family, friends and love. One day, my aunt and Granny literally saved my life when I was sick with a newborn and 20 month old in a snow storm and Josh was working. Josh has grown his business, I started a masters degree program at Kelley. Life is full of surprises; the totally, completely, unexpected. Just like for all of you, no doubt. But first and foremost, our marriage has held strong through it all.

Happy New Year and 11th Anniversary! God has blessed us. Let us serve Him. Thank you all for being there for us. We love you all and appreciate you more than we could ever possibly put into words.

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