The Real Deal

Well Halloween 2018 was a success. You may recall my post about their excitement for Halloween and particularly their costumes. Cowboys like us

Our cowboys were so excited to dress up. And I have to say, for Amazon purchases where I can’t inspect the quality of their costumes in person, I was very pleased with the design, fit, material and particularly the super cute cowboy hats!

Deacon’s costume

Hunter’s costume

And Oh My Goodness, chaps are just the cutest things on a little boy! You can tell from the photos they felt like and even looked like the real deal. They reminded me a few times that they didn’t have their “ropes” (lassos) but we didn’t need any injuries and so I intentionally “forgot” to get them. Deacon lost his cowboy boots recently (we have searched the entire house) and I wish I got them belt buckles to complete the look. But, they were happy, so happy. Plus, somehow, we didn’t see any other cowboys this year! It makes us all so happy to see these boys having so much fun. Halloween may not be my favorite holiday but they certainly love it.


Our trick-or-treating endeavor included visiting grandparents, great grandparents, Aunt Jaclyn and Uncle Donald and our church. Since it was rainy, windy, dark and cold, they held a great function indoors which was open to the public. What a great idea! Kids could play games, see one another’s costume and trick-or-treat around the room to different tables which were set up each with their own selection and variety of candy. It was packed in there last night! I loved getting to see so many other costumes on the adorable (and scary) kiddos! Plus, we were warm, dry and out of the dark. This made it much easier with our little pumpkin too.

wyatt 2018

Hunter said, “Hey, this is Baby Wyatt’s first time ever dressing up!” I told him, yes, you are right, this is his first Halloween. While Wyatt really didn’t love his costume, he lasted about an hour or two in it. (I purchased his costume used from Once Upon a Child.) It had extra stuffing in it to give that round appearance. 🙂 I thought about doing something fun to go along with the boys’ theme of cowboys, like an indian or a cactus or even a horse but then I thought, best to keep it simple for this year.

We typically let them pick whatever they would like to be for Halloween. I love it when they have an idea and don’t stray away from it. They have been talking about being cowboys for months now. So, I bought the costumes early just in case we needed to exchange them for size. Thankfully, they worked out. Now that Halloween is over, these costumes will go into their toy box in the playroom filled with old costumes and dress up clothes. In this box, you could find pirate costumes, transformer type guys with muscles, superhero capes and masks, and of course, my personal favorite, a Santa costume.



HD 2016 pirates


HD 2015 superheros


What are some of your favorite costumes? What was you kid’s favorite costume yet?

I don’t know about you but I am now ready to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Until next year, Yee-haw!!


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