1 more month till ONE for Wyatt!

Wyatt is 11 months old!

This is my prayer, every single night. Lord, please give me all the strength to be the Mom they need.

So, of course it makes me sad to think that Wyatt will officially be a baby for just 1 more month. But so much about him is a big boy already. Wyatt is moving out of the nursery classroom at daycare next week along with 3 of his little buddies. He has 4 teeth and 2 more on the bottom coming in now. Wyatt got his first haircut in January and is a little walker. He has been practicing for a while but can now get from room to room and even change direction when walking. (His shoes trip him up though.) I am not ready for this!

Wyatt prefers to spend most of his waking moments in his high chair and eats every type of food. He even tried cow’s milk is a sippy cup this week! My favorite thing to give him is thawed, frozen mixed vegetables (peas, green beans, carrots, corn). He loves them so much, it probably feels good on his gums and Mama loves that he gets his veggie fix. He also loves eggs, his puffs, yogurt, fruit, meat and cheese.

Wyatt can wave hi and bye (sometimes), gives open mouth kisses, and laughs when we play peek a boo. I have been trying to teach him the sign for ‘all done’ and he just laughs at me when I do it. He loves to cuddle with Daddy the best and does all he can to keep up with his big brothers. Wyatt loves his dog, Remi, and I even caught him laying his head on him the other night. Also, I think it is going to be hard to break this boy of his pacifier one day soon.

Savoring every last minute of this last month.

Wyatt, 10 months

Wyatt turned 10 months old (a couple days ago)!! This little brother has 2 front bottom teeth with 2 more on the top coming through now.

He hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like, and especially loves bananas, asparagus, strawberry yogurt, applesauce and oatmeal. Unfortunately, he has figured out how to climb to the tops of our stairs (15 steps!) and quickly, he can do it in a minute šŸ˜Æ. I observed him and he grabs a handful of carpet to help pull himself up. So smart. He watches his brothers up and down the stairs all of the time, it was inevitable it would happen soon. We now have a gate up needless to say. Wyatt also takes a few little steps at a time but I am in no rush for him to be fully mobile.

He has a best buddy at daycare, Mason, and they are both the biggest (oldest) babies in the room. They must get into so much together all day long. I am getting flashbacks of Hunter and his buddy Trey, when they were little. Oh and Wyatt just started doing “So Big!” with his little arms and hands raised up high. Nana has been working on that with him.

Like all babies, Wyatt ate wrapping paper for his first Christmas (pretty much) and loved being with all of his family. It is really hard to think of something that Wyatt even needs when he has all of his big brothers’ clothes and toys. Emma and he got to bond a lot over the time my cousins visited for Christmas. I am sure they both miss one another already.

Last, Wyatt is going to be a pro wrestler, already challenging everyone who attempts to change his diaper. Boy does he wear me out some days. And to think, we have about 2 more years of this. šŸ˜…

2 more months of babyhood.