Wyatt, 8 months old

8 M O N T H S | He’s got our vote. ✔✔✔

Wyatt is 8 months old today! This boy crawls, pulls up, stands and then reaches into things like trashcans, the dishwasher, my plant!, suitcases… 🤷‍♀️ Wyatt even pulls things off of the coffee table. He has 2 little, front, bottom teeth coming through and tolerates baby food but really just wants a sandwich. I give him mixed vegetables, all kinds of fruit and he occasionally tries our dinner. But he wants everything!

Wyatt got to attend his first family wedding in May and saw Uncle Kevin and Aunt Joann get married, at just 7 weeks old. This past month, he saw Aunt Jaclyn and Uncle Donald get married, at 7 months old!

This month we all went on a big Florida vacation and got to see where Mommy and Daddy met, in Ft. Lauderdale. Wyatt enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather. He ate sand, saw alligators and swam almost every day.

At 8 months old now, Wyatt is still pretty quiet, doesn’t chat too much yet and sometimes I think its because he’s watching and observing his busy brothers. But, I know it’s coming.

I often wonder, does he think he has 2 brothers or something like 14 brothers?

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