Birthday boy!

Deacon is turning 4 tomorrow!

We made funfetti cupcakes together tonight for his classroom birthday party tomorrow. Hunter and Deacon got to “taste test” one each tonight after we decorated them with vanilla icing and sprinkles (or jimmies if you are from south Jersey like me). These boys are always “cooking” with me from smoothies to pizza to desserts, jambalaya or making me my morning coffee. (I know, we are careful.) They are also my #1 taste testers and most importantly make sure the noodles are done when making spaghetti, or mac n cheese for that matter. Wyatt will join the team soon.

Who said kids have more fun??

While the birthday boy is sleeping on the top bunk tonight, I snuck in and well, spread a little cheer. I actually told them the birthday fairy would be coming just to get them to bed early tonight. I got a little carried away here but I know Deacon will wake up thrilled and just so excited. I’ve never decorated their bedroom the night before their birthday morning. Josh was sweet and thanked me. ❤

Birthday boy up there

Anyway, Deacon doesn’t know it but since I accumulated a bit of comp time working late last week and over the weekend some, I am taking off the day after his birthday to spend the day with him. Hunter will be in school of course but Wyatt will join us. I plan to start the day at Barnes and Noble for the morning book reading, which is his favorite.

Deacon is thoughtful, caring and sweet. He plays so well with his baby brother, sings to him and even gets Wyatt the things he thinks he wants, like a toy or his favorite blanket. He plays so well with his tireless older brother too. Deacon loves all of his family, near and far so much. He loves football, reading books, IU, watching his favorite shows, playing trucks and cars in the mud and riding bikes. And of course his favorite pastime is camping, swimming and boating with family and friends. Summer can’t come soon enough!

Happy birthday DD!!

Deacon and cousin Emma at Beauty & the Beast after Christmas

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