Our 3, at 6 months

Boy do they look so much alike. Even as their Mom, I have to admit they really do. They certainly look like brothers but are unique in their own little ways.

A quick look here of photos from October 2013, July 2015 and September 2018 and (off the top of my head) I can point out a few fun facts of our boys.


  • The most rolls and hand dimples… he has far outgrown them by now.
  • He laughed at the word carrots at this age.
  • We used to match shoes with his outfits.
  • Ate his feet and toes all of the time at 6 months.


  • The least amount of hair and the one with the thickest and fastest growing hair now.
  • The 9 pound newborn and the one here who was the tallest and was wearing 12 month clothes by this time.
  • The smiliest and is now the silliest.
  • Was the strongest and back arched while we fed him a bottle. We called him a bear cub.


  • Favors both brothers but all 3 have different eye colors (brown, green and blue)!
  • High pitch screeches like Hunter did at this age. 
  • Lips like Deacon, well almost, those are hard to beat!
  • Was the tiniest born of these 3.
  • Has worn shoes 1 day (morning) of his life so far.
  • Red hair like Hunter.

One of these boys was sleeping in his own room from the very beginning, another stayed with us for months. One had constant ear infections until he got ear tubes and was hooked on his pacifier until he was 1 year old. One ate cereal early to keep his belly full and another didn’t start liking food until 6 months. All 3 love their dog Remi by this age and always search for him. Every baby, even as brothers, are so different and unique in their own sweet ways.

Oh and two have said “Dada” first. We are just anxiously waiting to hear what the third boy has to say.


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