Happy Half year to Wyatt

Happy half year baby Wyatt! This boy has had an exciting month to say the least.

 Our big boy loves to play with and tries to eat his brothers’ toys and loves his doggie Remi. Wyatt knows the words “bath time” and gets super excited to take one. He smiles, kicks and splashes the whole time. It is so sweet. Hunter and Deacon like to watch and help a bit too. They have always loved their baths and so it is no surprise that Wyatt is following suite so quickly.

Wyatt loves pears the most as well as carrots and bananas. We are still experimenting with cereal and fruits and veggies. Sometimes he is not interested in the food at all and mostly he just wants to take the spoon from me. I give in and let him hold and suck on the spoon a bit. He’s practicing, at least.

Wyatt is so happy and pleasant in the morning, it makes it so hard to leave him.  However, he can be a bit of a bear before bedtime. He is teething and likes to go to bed early. Usually I am making dinner and he gets cranky and will then have 2 bottles, sometimes back to back before he falls asleep. 

He can just now sit up but still needs some help balancing. He practices yoga moves like downward facing dog and makes his way across the living room, crawling a bit at a time. He spends most of his day attempting to crawl and getting frustrated that he just can’t run with his big bros yet. Wyatt get very offended when his brothers are playing right there with him and then move on to the other room and leave him. So, he gets on all fours and rocks, takes small strides, then will get all the way up on his feet with his head down, and then takes a break on his belly or has a seat and sits up or leans on the side. He repeats this all day, all across the room. We are surprised because our older boys did not crawl until 8 months old. Please slow down, baby Wyatt. I’m not ready for 3 boys going in 3 directions!

Our big, tall boy weighs 17 lbs. 

Right now Wyatt favors the guys- Daddy, his brothers and Grandpas. He loves all of his family, of course, but really smiles extra big for the men in his life! 💙

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