#3 He or She??

baby #3


Well it came time last night to let the brothers know if they were going to get a little baby brother or sister, due in March. At the ages of 2 (almost 3) and 4 ½, this concept of adding a baby to our family is exciting but still a little bit confusing.

Hunter lets me know that he wants a baby brother AND sister quite often. Also, he frequently tells me that this is “taking a long time ago, Mom”. Deacon loves to point out babies to me whether they are in commercials, in photos or at their daycare. Otherwise, he is oblivious of my growing belly and still wants to sit on my lap (practically my belly) and lay on me like his personal lounge chair as he always has.

They are aware of the nursery which is the bedroom next to theirs and the baby toys and clothes that we have stored in there. I’ve also already been accumulating boxes of newborn and size 1 diapers as a proud Amazon Prime mom. Hunter has talked to me about the rocking chair in our bedroom and that he can take the baby downstairs and put him/her down to sit in that chair. It has been fun to see them realize and envision what is ahead of them.

Deacon arrived before Hunter was even really talking, at 20 months old. We couldn’t talk to him very much about the arrival of his baby brother in a way that he would really comprehend. Regardless, he was such a loving big brother who accepted him as his new best friend from the very beginning. I remember Hunter as a toddler trying to help by bringing me diapers or placing a breast pad on his brother’s head. 😊

So, we found out Monday, October 23rd at 9 a.m. – I had ordered balloons on Sunday- a #3 for our third child, some white balloons and then had to pick out pink and blue and would follow up with the results. I thought, well they love balloons and revealing the gender with pink or blue may help them to understand if they are getting a brother or sister.

Well, I guess I should have explained this box full of balloons a little better…

At first Deacon came up to me, SO excited as he saw the large box and balloons – “But Mommy, is it my birthday today?” So sweet.

As you can see, Hunter is still looking for his baby in the box!

What a letdown!! It isn’t anyone’s birthday, there isn’t a baby in the box and although balloons are fun, that’s all that was in there! 😁


How exciting to have a third boy in the house! While I said I would love a baby girl, I am thrilled to think of these brothers growing up together. As I mentioned, Deacon and Hunter are best friends. I often say that they may as well be twins- they have the same needs, likes, dislikes, they share toys, a bedroom, thoughts, plans and thankfully play so well together. It warms our hearts so often to see them together. Their bond is so strong. While their baby brother will be 3 and 5 years younger than them, we can only hope this clan of boys of ours have a bond forever. As parents, isn’t that something we all hope for? We are excited to see life as a family of five and to watch these brothers grow up together.

Officially a boy mom for life, I have plenty of fishing, trucks, tractors, sports, camping and well, dirt, bugs, smelly socks and laundry ahead of me. Oh yeah, and I don’t have to change the name of this little personal blog.

>>Life Love and Little Boys!<<


Thanks for sharing in this BIG excitement with us! XOXO


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