School pictures 

Do all parents get a little nervous dressing their kids for picture day? As hard as we try to wipe the toothpaste off their face, clean their hands, cut their nails, fix their hair, press their shirts, ask them to practice smiles… it’s really up to them to make the picture decent. (And hopefully a photographer that actually cares.) That’s a big responsibility for a 2 and a 4 year old! Maybe I care and love photos a little too much but I was really, really hopeful this year.

Drop off, school picture day

Fingers crossed!!!

I used to work for Sears Portrait Studio. I was 17, so half of my lifetime ago, but I still remember the pressure and how difficult it was to take family portraits of groups of 30 or a large group of siblings, engagement shots and the hardest, newborn photos!
I have a camera that I love now and use it often on vacations and of course, taking photos of the boys but I have very minimal training. I just really, really love and appreciate photography.

So, I haven’t bought school / daycare pictures in the past 4 years, since Hunter was 8 months old. They have never turned out well, or even acceptable and I always thought I could do better. So I did. Plus, how crazy expensive are school photos?! Amiright?? 

Here are their photos (I took) last fall. 

Well this year, THIS YEAR, I bought the biggest package possible and the digital downloads. Yay, I am Thrilled. A little cropping and these are great school pictures, especially compared to recent years. I know I’m biased but these smiles actually make me smile. FINALLY!

Hunter, 4 1/2

Deacon, almost 3

Framed and on the bookshelf already

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