(Their) Morning routine

morning routine


Morning routine: Goes something like this…

1st question- Do we have school today? YES.

H- Carnation chocolate milk, D- whole milk.

Both: 4 gummy vitamins with omega 3 and yogurt, sometimes two.

Gather the clothes I set out last night- dress them while they watch PJ masks, find socks. Help push your foot in your shoes, tie shoes, hoodies.

Remember to bring your milk. Deacon refill.

Both pee off back deck… Comments about where it went, whose shot further, etc, etc 

>><<Why are we missing a shoe? >><<

Yogurt on floor again.

Lunches already made in fridge- ask them to hold their lunchboxes. D always will, H always refuses. Thanks.

H- Can I bring a toy to school? No.

D- Leave your blanket aka “Bobbie”. Refuses. Ok, leave it in the car.

H- Can I drive in your lap? No. I told you this. Mommy will get in trouble with policeman if you drive.

((30 second commute next door to school.))

Their Tarzan swing (hang on seat belt) and jump out the door. Catch Deacon.

Carry lunches, leave your blanket, forget milk….

Drop off to class: H delays a bit, makes excuses, have a talk, kiss hug kiss hug &  finally joins his class.

DD hugs Lynlee first (girlfriend with cute curly hair), smiles at teacher, happy to join his friends. kisses and hugs- Bye Mommy!

Drive to work, usually later than hoped. Hopefully remembered my own coffee, breakfast, lunch, something. Repeat. 💚💙

One day I’m going to miss this. I remind myself. I really wouldn’t have it any other way. #morningroutinewithkids

How about your routine? 🙌

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