First time riding a bike 

While Daddy may have taken the training wheels off just tonight, this guy has clearly been ready for this for a while now. 
Although, on the very first ride, he was a little unsure of himself. He even says, I can’t do this by myself. Daddy has to reassure him. 

By the 3rd try, he was confident and ready to go. It is so amazing to watch them learn something new. And Deacon was by his side the whole time

This brought back so many memories. I clearly remember my Dad teaching me to ride a bike down Kingston Avenue. Maybe I was 5 or so? For our little speedracer/ dare devil, the grass and going down hill was great for practice but by the end of the evening, he was on the driveway, proud of his skid marks. He got Daddy to get his bike out too so that they could ride down the driveway side by side. 💗

Can’t think of a better way to spend our Monday evening; first a rainbow and then the big bike ride. Experiencing firsts with these guys sure makes us proud parents.

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