Ending the school year

A lot has changed for these 2 boys in the past 10 months! They’ve grown from 1 and 3 year olds to much bigger 2 and 4 year olds with many significant and exciting events along the way, all in one school year! I had to stare and think about the photo on the left because I almost thought it was from 2 years ago! (And then remembered Deacon couldn’t walk 2 years ago, of course.) How has so much changed?

Aug 2016, June 2017

Aug 2015

1. Well to start we’ve moved out of the house where we first brought them home from the hospital. Hunter still references and talks about our old home which I think is great that he still retains memory and fondess of his first home and yard.

2. Deacon has grown about a foot, well a few inches anyway, and is catching up to his brother quickly!

3. Their grandparents from NJ moved to our town. We get to spend so much time together now!

4. Hunter can trace and write letters, he has learned SO much this year!

5. Collectively, they’ve gained 10 pounds.

6. They left the country for the second time, Aruba last Thanksgiving.

7. Deacon got his hair cut short. Also, Hunter gave himself his first haircut, with his blue kiddie scissors just last night…

8. Hunters shoe size grew from 8 to 10.5!

9. Deacon talks now and Hunter’s vocabulary just amazes us.

10. They went on Spring break (for their 4th and 3rd time) with us and their Mimi, Papaw and Aunt Jaclyn in March. They can now both swim by themselves (with life vests) and love the beach and water!

And after all of this, many things still remain the same-

  •  They still share a room and insist on it until the unforeseeable future.
  • They’re eachothers best friend and occasional partner in crime.
  • Their favorite thing to do is ride their tractor/4-wheeler in the yard.
  • These 2 still have opposite appetites and tastes in food, except mac’n’cheese, of course.
  • While they’ve met girls on the beach, their “girlfriends” are still from their classes- Stella and Lynlee. ♡♡
  • Deacon’s cheeks. 

We are looking forward to summer and I can’t believe Hunter will be starting pre-K in August!!

Aug 2016

Last day of school, May 2017

PS- I don’t always match their outfits but when I do, I take a picture.

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