A great day for the park

I love being able to surprise these boys and make their day. I was able to pick them up a bit earlier than usual (anyone else feel like they’re always one of the last moms to pick up??) and take these boys to the park before dinner. As summer approaches I want to be able to get in some quality outdoor time during the week too. This isn’t always easy as I’m looking at a busy summer ahead of me but a little effort goes a long way. 

We love the park close to our home. It has a pond, a walking/biking trail, playground, picnic tables, outdoor grill, gardens and even restrooms. And it must be a hidden gem because sometimes we are there with the whole park to ourselves. 

These guys had a blast today. And I enjoyed the sunshine, walking around the pond with them looking for turtles, sliding the slides (except when I bumped my head- ouch!) oh, and my frappuccino. 

Suitable walking sticks


Local Parents- what are some of your favorite spots to take the kiddos around Bloomington? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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