My Leadership conference 

While I am so thankful that my work allows me to stay home, there are just a few annual trips that I still like to take for my own professional development. I am a believer in taking the time to invest in yourself so that you can:

1. get inspired and energized

2. gain new ideas and insights to bring to your day to day work

3. best care for and serve those with whom you work

Also, my career has been spent entirely around facilitating professional development and now, executive education for others. So yes, these opportunities are important to me.

I also believe that although the conference is work related, the learning bleeds into my life in general and particularly at home. I know that listening to great speakers, authors, business owners and pastors like Andy Stanley will help me to be a better parent and spouse.

It was so incredibly refreshing to hear some of these great leaders and authors speak with focus on this year’s topic, Purpose. I have attended Leadercast twice before and feel so fortunate to have been asked to attend again this year. I got to spend time with former colleagues and friends as well as hear 9 great talks packed into one amazing day. If you don’t know about the largest 1 day leadership conference in the world, I encourage you to check it out.

Executive experience

 So many of the keynotes allowed the audience to be self reflective as we were challenged with some heavy topics. Many speakers even brought tears to our eyes as they told their stories of their lives and careers so passionately.

I’ll provide the impressive list of speakers-

Lineup for Leadercast 2017

Host- Tripp Crosby

  • Andy Stanley 
  • Molly Fletcher
  • Jim McKelvey
  • Donald Miller
  • Jess Ekstrom 
  • Dr Henry Cloud
  • Suzy Welch
  • Daniel Pink
  • Tyler Perry 

Tyler Perry

It was really sweet for Tripp to close with his baby on his hip because he knows that so many of us are working moms and dads too. How inspiring! I am leaving with quite a few of their books and many notes taken from today’s big event.

While I left early Thursday and am returning late Friday night, I got the sweetest photo sent to me of my boys at home last night who were scared of the storms at 2 AM. You can see how proud they were to be sleeping in my spot! 

I have lots of reading ahead of me. Happy weekend, all!!

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