VW TDI recall

​Found out yesterday the official date we’ll turn in my VW TDI (turbo diesel injected) recall. It’s been a great 5.5 years with my 6 speed compact car, the one in which I learned to drive (manual). 

My new automatic, v8 diesel soccer mom mobile will have me missing my 50 mpg whip. But mama needs some more space for boys, bikes, roadtrips, groceries as well as pulling the boat. The timing is actually great for me and our family. Two car seats and growing boys had me looking for our next family vehicle. Of course, in 2011, we weren’t buying a new vehicle for a family. Plus, now I can see many comfortable drives to NJ and FL ahead of us.
 I’ve read all of the articles out there and am very interested. Some love their cars so much, they’re opting to keep them despite the incentives. VW has a goal to buy back 480,000 TDIs in the US alone. Or they have to fix them so that they put out less emmissions. I live in a state where we don’t have annual emission checks but if we did, like NJ or CA, it would be a must to turn it in. I would like to commiserate, anyone else out there turning in their TDI?  I’d love feedback.

Jan 2017, my last few weeks with my TDI

2011, brand new


#bittersweet #vwdiesel #soccermom

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