Play room

​One Fall Sunday I got really inspired and completely transformed one of our spare bedrooms (which was being used for storage) into a play room. I totally surprised the boys, Josh and myself, to be honest. (Why hadn’t I thought of this before?!?) Hunter was so excited that he told his teacher as soon as he saw her the next morning! I like that we have more room in their shared bedroom as well as the living room which was where everything seems to congregate. Also, I kept a futon bed in there to serve as a couch but can still be used as a spare bedroom if we have several guests (and they don’t mind sleeping with their fire trucks, tractors and dinosaurs)!

This is a DIY project that has cost me nothing. I used everything we already had in the house. The room was already freshly painted in the spring too so it was almost just waiting for this!
Anyway, I’m pretty sure it took me just as long to put away their Christmas gifts, choose a few older toys to donate as well as categorize everything so that they can be easily found, as it did to create this room in the first place! I am so happy they finally have a little table and chairs too, thanks to my in-laws. Also, I am using their masterpieces as artwork in this room. Makes me happy.

My next step is to find better flooring for a play room, either a large area rug or some sort of a remnant since everything seems to get destroyed… So, I am open to your suggestions and feedback!! We have laminate wood floors down which we will keep but I’d prefer something inexpensive, soft and durable to cover it.
(Please excuse the really harsh lighting, I took these photos late at night)

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