Deacon is 2!

Our dearest Deacon turned 2 years old. It has taken me so long, way too long, to get his 2-year-old photos done, hence my delay here.

We celebrated with a small family party at our house with dinner and cake. The theme was dinosaurs! I believe our greatest memory of Deacon’s birthday party was him showing his independence as he repeatedly told his big brother “NO!” every time Hunter asked to try out his new tricycle. Being used to sharing things, everything really, Deacon must have decided that this was his birthday present and he did not have to share it with anyone. While Hunter caught a ride on the back a few times, it was cute and hilarious to see Deacon so confident in denying his brother a chance to try it out.

Deacon is at the age where he is speaking more and more every day. He is formulating sentences and can even count to 10 already! He knows all of his animal sounds and our favorite is the elephant! Deacon is learning his colors and we can tell his favorite color is orange! While blue and green may trip him up, he is always certain to point out anything orange. Just last weekend I heard Deacon singing to himself, which he does quite often. This time he was singing “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so!”. Deacon eats very well and is a really good-natured sweet little boy. He is very caring and looks up to his big brother. Deacon has lots of friends at school including Hunter’s class who are all a big fan of DD!

We can tell that Deacon looks so much like the Ennis side of the family. We often wonder if he will be 6’4 or even 6’8!  Deacon still loves his blankey whom he calls “Bobbie”. He may never put it down actually.

We are moving soon and Josh and I found it so sweet that even though we will have 4 bedrooms, the boys are very certain that they still want to share a room. So Josh promised them bunk beds. Being a 2-year-old is SO much fun!


Enjoy a few photos from the birthday weekend.



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