16 months and 36 months old

Today we had their 16 month and 36 month (3 year old) pediatrician appointments. Deacon was able to report that he has a healthy balanced diet, eats very well and enjoys his whole milk. He continues to be off the charts in height and is in the 95% in weight. This boy has been a big one from the very beginning and it makes me curious to see if he will take after my husband’s 6’8 uncle or 6’4 father.


Hunter told the doctor that he uses the potty, is a picky eater and is “big and strong”. We have been told that we, of course, should continue to serve him his vegetables although he refuses most and have been told that 3 is a tough age (we knew this) for picky eating. On the bright side, very likely he will become less picky when at the age of 4 or 5. I also asked about Hunter’s very new sort of stutter. We aren’t concerned but since it is new, I thought I would mention it to the pediatrician while we were there for his, now, annual appointment (no more half year appointments). Apparently it is completely normal at the ages between 2 and 5. Hunter doesnt get stuck on a word, just occasionally he begins his sentence with “Hey, hey hey hey hey hey Mommy did you see that tractor?” I think he just gets so excited at times! Anyway, we do not bring any attention to it and I am sure he doesn’t even notice himself. I honestly think it is sweet and adorable, like he is most of the time.


So, according to their scales, there is a 3 pound and 3 1/2 inch difference between these brothers (not to mention 20+ months). With that news, Hunter is going to finish his dinner from now on. Hunter is 50% in both height and weight but was once in the 75-90%. I know that as these boys grow, they are thinning out and Deacon will likely catch up with Hunter and then plateau a bit but it is so interesting to see how alike and how different these two brothers are.


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