Happy Father’s Day!

life, love & little boys

So, I have to admit, it is sort of a sad day for me today only because I can’t see my Dad on Father’s Day.  I am tearing up now as I write this.  It’s not so much that I can’t be with my dad today, but probably just the fact that it has been quite some time since I have seen dad…  well it has been 2 months since he and Mom flew out here to stay in our home for Easter.  Anyway, I just genuinely enjoy being in Dad’s presence, seeing him, spending time with him and sharing stories.  I admire his honesty, entrepreneurial spirit, giving nature and sense of humor.

I found a great Father’s Day card for Dad; 2 actually.  The one was classic- it had a motorcycle on the front (from Josh and I) of course.  But the other was to a Daddy from his daughter.  The…

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