Flying solo to DC

JUST made a quick trip to Washington DC – Alexandria, Virginia to be exact.  I always take flights that are super early in the morning and so it was strange to be in the airport in the afternoon for our 4:15 to DCA. After the 4th of July holiday, to my delight, it seemed to be a very unpopular day for travel.  Anyway, a handful of others and myself boarded the plane and I literally had the entire front of the plane to myself.

I asked this passenger next to me to move (just kidding-my purse) so that I could put my legs up and sleep… 😉

Alexandria was lovely, we took the metro 2 stops from the airport and our hotel, the Embassy Suites was just right across the street.  Embassy Suites are one of the greatest hotel brands.  They typically have low rates, have suite style hotel rooms with a small living area and kitchenette and include a complimentary hot breakfast and evening manager’s reception daily!

I highly recommend Embassy Suites by Hilton whether traveling for work or with family.

Friday morning, I got up early and went for a quick 2 mile run on the cobble stone sidewalks of the business district.  Businessmen and women were already headed to work and it was a bustling morning. The high for the day was 102 and it was already sweltering at 7 AM. Definitely not ideal conditions but I loved it anyway.

I had a 4 hour meeting with 4 attorneys, & 4 colleagues in a boardroom on the 2nd floor of their office on Duke Street that also turned into a working lunch.  I was the only female in the meeting and it was liberating. More to come on this business venture in the future–  Or, just ask me about it! As I was preparing for this meeting, I was writing memoirs in my head “3 months before my 29th birthday we had a meeting that would change everything…”

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you stay cool this weekend.  We have the AC turned down very cool and the pups are enjoying their lazy day. I don’t think we will leave the house to do much which provides me time for writing. Next trip is to NJ in 2 weeks!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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