lazy Saturday afternoon…

Back from New Orleans and it’s my last work trip for a while.  I am looking forward to my trip to NJ at the end of June for a MSU/ GAP girl reunion, a wedding and visit with family and friends. Details on my and Kevin’s adventures to the Big Easy coming soon…

We had a great start to our weekend. It was so nice having dinner at Mike and Megan’s new house, on their back porch last night. So a business opportunity has landed Josh and his dad, Jeff in New Jersey this morning. This is the first time where my husband is in NJ and I am in Indiana! Josh and Jeff had a one way ticket to Philadelphia where my Dad met up with them at the airport.

So, I have the weekend to myself here with the dogs. Yes, it is June and I am home (!) and Josh is the one on the road for business. So what have I decided to do with my time?

Well, the plan was to shampoo our carpets.  As I thought more about shampooing, I just cringed looking at that stained carpet from the previous owners in our back family room. So, I ripped it up. I have been thinking about it for years now and finally just took it upon myself to just do it.  Multi layered burbur, a pad and a yet another thin layer of carpet is now in our garage and it feels great. I used my bare hands, scissors and a knife with a hook. Then, I shampooed the rest of the house.

I had my iPod in for 5 hours today, was jamming out to my top 25 Playlist and sang with the pups and I ripped it all up. Josh didn’t love that I did this myself but I was seriously motivated. We just need to pick out new carpet now! My back hurts a bit but hey it was a great workout and I am happy it’s gone. Funny when these things aren’t on your to-do list and they just happen spontaneously.

1 of 3 layers up here

So, home alone on a Saturday night? Brooke, Maggie and I are watching carpets dry… just kidding.  I am exhausted and have the opportunity to indulge in a guilty pleasure… Dark roast coffee, biscotti and Sex & the City.  Yes friends, it has been years and I love it. Wow, I have forgotten so much. I have started with Season 3.

Carrie and Aiden just met. Did I mention I love it?

I came across this yesterday -Ways Sex and the City would be different if it were on TV now…

lazy Saturday afternoon for Maggs

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend, whatever you choose to do!

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