Summer Adventures ~ 2011

So as I was on the road so much this summer (and it seemed like more than any other summer), I traveled to many cities and was able to get out and experience some exciting things.  Apparently I was way to busy to post at the time, so I will summarize my highlights quickly to catch us up.

For those of you that don’t know, summer is my busy season.  My team and I travel around the US and Canada and execute conferences on a large-scale.  It’s a way for educators to hear Solution Tree authors as well as receive Continuing Education Units. I traveled almost every other week, sometimes 2 cities in a week making it a long but exciting summer…

Cities of interest

  1. Las Vegas – Caesar’s Palace
  2. St. Charles (St. Louis, MO) Convention Center
  3. Orlando, FL – Omni Resort
  4. Portland, OR – Salem C.C.
  5. Birmingham, Alabama – Sheraton and C.C.
  6. Las Vegas, NV – Paris
  7. Hollywood, CA – Roosevelt Hotel and The Renaissance
  8. Hartford, CT & Cape Cod, MA
  9. New Jersey to visit family (Barrington, Atlantic City)
  10. Syracuse, NY – Crown Plaza and OnCenter
  11. Ocean City, MD (fun with friends!)

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(Most photos taken by yours truly)

And on my list of highlights (in no particular order)

Bachelorette and quality time with my girls in OC, MD
The Lazy river at the Orlando Omni
Quality time with family and friends in NJ & spending time with the kiddos!
Lord & Taylor shopping with Mom in NJ and then again the next day in Syracuse
Saw La Reve Cirque de Soleil at The Wynn with work friends, thanks to our Las Vegas CVA friends
Dinner with Mom and Dad and a night in Atlantic City
Rihanna Concert, last-minute decision in Birmingham!
Ashley and I definitely missed the northeast earthquake since we were in the car
Captain America premiere on Hollywood Boulevard
Pool time and watched a photo shoot at the Roosevelt
Wedding Showers for Julie and Ashley

As always, it’s an adventure being on the road as I travel for work.  There is a lot of excitement and it’s very difficult at times as well. I live out of a suitcase as there is no need to unpack in the summer except to do laundry.  My husband misses me… or my cooking… or both. I have learned to sleep on planes automatically and currently have a painful knot in my right shoulder. It’s an unwelcomed conversation when I explain that being at home is like a vacation to me…. unfortunately vacation travel on top of work travel isn’t always appealing.  Well, I already miss my bed 80-100 days out of the year!   Sometimes my husband and family have to ask me where I am when I call them. Of course, I understand. I can hardly keep my schedule straight sadly. Also, we work 10-12 hour days at our events and wake up well before the sun rises. It can be exhausting and painful for my poor feet!

BUT…I do love my job SO much. We are meeting professionals and work at a corporate level across North America. We are all in the process of getting a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional). Hotel gyms are amazing and I love going for runs- what better way to see a new city. I stock pile soaps and shampoos, Westin toiletries are the best.  I acquire miles like its my job… well, it is. I must say, there isn’t an industry with more perks… amenities, upgrades, comp stays, shows, bathrobes etc etc.

One of the nicest parts of my job is when I can share my travel with family and friends.  Mom and Dad have been to Nashville, Boston (twice), Orlando, Scottsdale, Vegas (twice), Philly and probably others. My brother, Kevin spent the summer of 2008 traveling around with me for work.  This was the best summer we ever had– San Antonio, Tulsa, Nashville, Vegas & California and a lot of wonderful memories together. I will never forget the week at Caesar’s with Ashley, Dana & Benner. I loved waking up before they got back to our hotel room! We had the nicest dinner ever at Mon Ami Gabi and complimentary sparkling rose champagne. My biggest highligh is probably the fact that Josh went to Honolulu with me for a second honeymoon (and a little work…) just a month after we got married. We both fell in love with the islands and Hawaiian lifestyle. The rainbow tower of the Hilton Hawaiian Village is simply perfect.

Something comforting to me is the fact that I have a department of great people and we are all living this lifestyle together.  We experience the similar challenges, fun, and  lead similar lives on the road. The movie “Up in the Air” is not funny and we find it uncanny. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade my job for any other and I am a very lucky business woman. I am grateful for my job and the opportunities it presents every single day.

Best way to describe it –

I love traveling but I love coming home.

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