3 days in the world

Here we are 3 days post partum, Wyatt isn’t even 72 hours old yet but boy have we been busy. We left the hospital after 24 hours and in that time he learned to breastfeed like a champ, passed his hearing test with flying colors, had a circumcision, got a heel prick, a vaccine and got a name! He was born March 6th, 9 days before his due date.

Josh and I didn’t sleep Monday night as contractions started around midnight. I should say I worked until 7 PM and was in bed by 9:15 not feeling well (sinus congestion) so I did get 3 hours of sleep. I was completely surprised to go into labor 10 days early. We were admitted to the hospital by 4 AM and Wyatt was born at 1:38 pm. We didn’t sleep much Tuesday night because, you know, cluster feeding a newborn and many, many diaper changes, nurses attention and vital checks, etc. So we were seriously sleep deprived, my eyes were going crossed but we had the biggest job to do still, well besides giving birth. We had to give him a name! 
We had decided on Elijah back in December and then we (Josh) changed our (his) mind. Robert was a certain for a middle name because that is my dad’s name. We referred to our short list from naming Deacon which included Luke, Eli, Chase, Wyatt and some new names, Wesley and Drake. I ruled out Drake, Josh ruled out Elijah. It came down to Chase and Wyatt and Josh let me make the final call. We love strong male names with few syllables, small chances for odd nicknames and goes well with siblings names. So, Wyatt Robert it is. We literally googled name meanings in our hospital room and waited until the last minute to hand in birth certificate paperwork in order to leave at the 24 hour mark. Naming a child is a big responsibility! 

March 6th was absolutely amazing. We had such an incredible labor, delivery and experience in the hospital. More details on that later ❤

My mom made us all dinner that night and Wyatt got to meet big brothers, grandparents and Aunt Jaclyn. During such a severe flu season, the hospital really discourages visitors so my parents came in shortly after he was born but that was all. (And I completely understand as I don’t want germs spread or chances of us or baby getting sick.) With our first two boys, my parents had to drive from NJ after the announcement of me going into labor and so this was their first chance to hold a fresh newborn grandson. What a blessing it is to have all 4 grandparents here in town with us.

Here are some of the boys reactions and first-hand observations of their new brother-

Deacon, 3 years old:

Can we keep him?

Don’t just leave your baby, mommy. (When I had to use the bathroom.)

Can I give baby some candy?

He isn’t even playing with the toy I got him.

The baby cries so loud.

No, it’s a girl baby (because he was wearing white).

Her name is Eli.

My parents took them to the store to pick out a gift for baby. Deacon insisted on a pack of bibs and a bottle. So sweet, thoughtful and practical. 💙

Hunter, 4, almost 5 years old:

What is that thing? (Umbilical cord)

Mommy, do you have another baby in there?  Pushes on my belly (About 28 hrs post partum)

Did it hurt when he came out? 

I like his hair.

He doesn’t even have any teeth!

I love your baby, mommy.

Can I feed him like that too? Let me try!

I got the baby a gift (hospital gift shop) from the same place you got your baby.

Were you up all night again? 

Life is grand. For this baby, we prayed, so hard. He is a blessing to our whole family.

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