Christmas, not always December 25th, for us

Last year it was the 28th, and the year before? The 24th. This year, Christmas is on December 23rd. Well, thats the day we celebrate at home with the kids anyway.

Well, not exactly- Christmas is about Jesus’s birthday and that isn’t necessarily 12/25 anyway. But, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, every year. We’ve just had a non-traditional way of telling our kids when Santa is coming. And I’m ok with that. Plus it forces me to be ready for the holidays extra early. And I’m totally ok with that too.

But, I am not sure how much longer we can get away with this.  Hunter has >>so many questions<< this year. 

Here are a few, recent questions…

Why does he have a big belly?

But at school today we said 3 more days until Christmas. Why?

How will we get carrots to the reindeer on the roof?

How old is Santa?

Why doesn’t he bring mommy and daddy presents?

Can you tell him I am on the good list?

Today: Can we tell Santa that I want a telescope?

Who gets coal?

How does he fly that sleigh?

Will he fit down our chimney?


& adorable at the same time. Josh and I have shared quite a few smiles and glances to one another as we try to answer. ❤

So, any other travelers out there? Anyone else this crazy to change the day Santa comes to your house? Maybe it’s just our tradition. Just like everything else in this life, you do what you have to do. It’s important to see family and we just make it work as much as we possibly can.
Besides who would complain about Santa coming to your house early? It works out wonderfully to have Christmas on a Monday this year.

And it looks like the boys and I are getting a 🚲! 

So, we must have been good. 🌲 

Merry Christmas to all and to ALL a good night.

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