Fall 2017 photos 

I take them outdoors to formally take photos with my Nikon, somewhere around peak foliage or mid- October each year. At 2 and 4, I rarely get both to look in the same direction anymore and really encourage Hunter to not give a cheeeeees(y) smile. Also, Deacon had a few meltdowns but don’t they always when it comes time for photos? I can’t help but to think how hard this is going to be next year! Good thing I am a sucker for a good candid shot. A good friend asked me recently if I have help taking these. I don’t but I don’t ask either. Patience could get worn really quickly!

Since we’ve moved, I had to find a new location. We wondered to the back corner of our property and found a great spot in a freshly cut corn field. We had some fun and they have definitely enjoyed seeing these shots of themselves printed out.

I made a family photo book on Shutterfly with all of our memories of 2017, month by month. These were a great addition to our family yearbook, if you will, among the summaries of our family vacations and some of their big accomplishments. I can’t wait to show H & D this book for Christmas.

Anyway, a few of our faves, taken the morning of Oct. 21, 2017-












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