A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to give a self imposed task. Match the boys (in outfits) for 10 days. I only gave myself one rule: no new clothes, use what we have in the drawers and closet already. With some success, and a lot of excitement, (only on my end) I realized the hardest part was not matching them. It was not dressing them or remembering to match outfits. The hardest part was documenting or photographing these 2 boys on the move! Some days, unfortunately, we did not get a photo that is usable…

Imagine Mom in your face at 7 AM, “cheese!!”.
So here we go.
It went something like this:

Sunday to church- blue Gap button ups and gray khakis


Monday – dark tan khaki pants/ cords, bright blue shirt (and yellow print)


Tuesday- green/gray Gap shirts and jersey lined khakis


Wednesday- blue long sleeve pocket tees from the Gap, gray pants


PJ’S- Carter’s teal, striped fleece zip ups with polar bear feet


Valentines Day party- navy blue corduroys and red (striped) shirt


I forget which day- Navy pants, blue Old Navy preppy colared shirt, matching Pumas


More PJ’s- Are you noticing a stripe theme?


YMCA- pool attire includes Navy blue Gap hooded SPF rash guards and beach themed trunks


Weekend attire- maroon Cuffy’s Cape Cod zip up hoodies


And my favorite: partying on Mom and Dad’s bed in diapers/ pull ups. Happy Friday!


I havent made it 10 days yet but let’s see how I can keep this up!

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