Deacon is ONE!

Dearest Deacon,


You were born on a Thursday afternoon. The first thing I said when I saw you was “Wow, he is really big.” and at 9 pounds you were. Bringing  new baby home was both thrilling and scary at the same time. This was new territory for us. However, We have had more joy than we can ever describe seeing you and your brother build your relationship. We all have so much love for you. Hunter will never know of a time where you weren’t in his life. And If you aren’t in the room, he searches for you and asks where you are. He loves to play with his little brother and we know that you both have already taught each other so much. Having a sibling is the greatest gift. We look forward to seeing you both continue to grow and learn from one another as you experience life together as brothers and buddies.




You are a true joy. Your personality is happy, playful, adventurous, laid back and content. You are also smiley, cuddly and well, a hungry growing boy. Seeing you walk and talk give us pride yet we know we no longer have a baby. Hard to believe that we have known you for a whole year and yet the time has seemed to just fly by.

On your first birthday party in NJ you played with cousins, friends and had a ball. You took a nap for an hour and I woke you up for cake and presents. You enjoyed your cake and played some more.

We had your first birthday party at home and this time you walked and showed off how well you have progressed in the past week in taking steps. Everyone was so proud of you! It was adorable. However, all of those steps and your new schedule of just one nap caused you to fall asleep during dinner. We will save cake and ice cream for later! We all love you so much. Happy birthday!




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