Authorspeak Update from Indy – Day 1!

Ok so I woke up over 12 hours ago and am still on a high from our event!!  We had a tremendously successful day- better than we could have hoped for!  Registration went smooth, attendees are calling this the best professional development experience of their career and we loved our motivating keynote speaker, NY Times Best Seller- Daniel Pink! Wow, the day flew by…

I have a short break in my hotel room before our reception at Lucas Oil to change and relax for a few.  I was able to lay down for a half hour to rest my poor legs and feet. Now my iPod is playing Grey Street on the iHome and the curling iron is calling my name!  I am changing and will be out the door in a matter of minutes.  But, I noticed a lot of popularity on my blog over the past 2 days so THANK YOU and I wanted to provide an update for you.  Here are a few photos for you to enjoy-

Here is a You Tube video from our marketing department- I am in the first few seconds!



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