What we really want for Mother’s Day.

We spent some time building with Duplo blocks this morning. This is actually one of my favorite things to do with them, typically on a weekend morning while watching Paw Patrol. We build houses as tall as we possibly can. We each get one of the little people and get to play house. Then we inevitably knock the whole house down to the ground.

Deacon handed me the girl with red hair, lipstick and a striped watermelon shirt. “Here, you’re the Mom.”

I just wanted to give her what every Mom wants for Mother’s Day. A 5-story house, a bed on the quiet rooftop for sunbathing, alone with many flowers and a jug of coffee/wine. And everyone else is at least 3 stories below. And there is no ladder or elevator. No way to reach her. She can’t hear anything. She is relaxing in peace and has a big smile on her face.

It was really fun to imagine during this pandemic anyway. Maybe a little too fun for me. Of course, we love our kids and all of our time with them. I cherish this time, honestly. I get to see my boys grow, learn and play each and every day. Our time together is absolutely invaluable. But sometimes don’t we deserve a break? A little time alone to relax? A moment without being asked for snacks, drinks… Mom, did we have lunch… Mom, where are my shoes, and Mom, can you wipe me!?

In the unlikely event that we would get a break, I like to imagine myself in that watermelon shirt, with all the flowers, doing the exact same.

Enjoy your Mother’s day. You deserve it! Embrace those sweet little kiddos and squeeze them extra tight. And you can also dream of this crisis being over and where you will take yourself to relax. Cheers to all you Mama’s pulling double-double shifts and handling 47 meals a day, all household chores, laundry, eLearning, conflict resolution between siblings, getting exercise and also handling your own full-time job- all from home. I see you. I’m here for you. I can relate. ❤

Happy Mother’s Day.

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