Quarantined with 3 little boys.

Mom, you look really big.
Mom, I see dark hair in there.
Mom, I don’t see your brain.
Mom, can we do a science experiment?
Mom, can we make a volcano?
Mom, do you know where my socks are?
Mom, can I ride my 4 wheeler?
Mom, can we have snacks?
Mom, can you wipe me?
Mom, did you ever find gold before?
Mom, when is Paw Patrol on?
Mom, can we have a scavenger hunt?

Mom, what day is it?

Mom, did I have dinner yet today?

Mom, is it morning or day time?

Mom, we want cupcakes.
Mom, when can I see my friends again?
Mom, can we go to the park?
Mom, when are they gonna get that Coronavirus?
Honestly, I Love my days home with my boys. Just hoping I can challenge them as much as they challenge me.

We are all in this together. What are some great questions you get on a daily basis?

Yes, we did science experiments and made a volcano- diet coke and mentos.

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