Our family garden – July update

So much has happened in our garden this month. We started the month off with small plants and little fruit or veggies. We are now ending our days picking a few things at a time and bringing them to our kitchen to eat. The boys are enjoying watching their veggies grow and constantly keep an eye on their watermelon and pumpkins! Josh waters with the 2 tri-pod sprinklers every or every other night depending on the rain. This can take 4 hours at a time and occasionally over night. Yes, our water bill had doubled and then some, running 2 different hoses from the house to the garden.

Because of the June rain and extreme heat and sun in July, we have seen a lot of recent growth and that means weeds too! Thistle and grass are also growing in our garden and it is a nightly struggle. Josh will be tilling again, in between rows, soon.

Our hand made garden bags

Josh tilling, Hunter helping

Green beans getting a good start

Baby broccoli

On the 4th of July, we pulled our first little crop from the garden- a variety of peppers (jalapeno, bell, cayenne, habanero and banana peppers) as well as some tomatoes.

Also, we put the boys to work. The older ones spent a few hours on a Saturday afternoon with us weeding. This has become one of their chores. Wyatt enjoys walking around with the garden tools, sometimes stealing some cherry tomatoes or smacking peppers off the plants with a shovel.

We also had a lot of fun picking all of the broccolini, and watching the zucchini, melons and watermelon grow. All of the tomatoes are finally starting to turn color and we hope to pick a bunch this weekend!

Below are the most recent photos of the growth of our crops and some recent harvets.

Mid July harvest

First week picking cucumbers


We have 3 types of pumpkins. They are called Cinderella, Pie and Jack-be-littles. This is a Cinderella, which should grow to be a big one!

Harvesting broccolini

3rd week of July harvest

Cayenne getting ready to turn red

Out biggest watermelon yet



We will have more updates after this weekend. Among several kiddo birthday parties and get togethers on our calendar our plans are to weed, till, water and hopefully pick a bunch of tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers!

One thought on “Our family garden – July update

  1. eponine3 says:

    Wonderful photos and good for you — fabulous garden!!! Including your boys is so great, so good for them, and the produce looks perfect. You should be very pleased with your efforts. Hats off to you all!!


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