Family Garden update

Our busiest weekend in the garden yet…

We decided we wanted to do our family garden again this year after moving from the house where we had our original garden. We love the project and activity we have together as a family and the valuable lessons for the little guys. Also, of course, we love the fresh organic fruit and vegetables to eat and share. Also, the boys get to see Daddy’s equipment in action and even get to help- a huge highlight for them.

Step 1- We talked with the boys and got several library books on gardening. It was two years ago, so they hardly remember their first two years of gardening. Also, I needed a lot of reminders and tips.

Step 2 was to pick out our seeds and plants.

Also, Josh had to mow the location he chose for the garden, on our property, not too far from the house. Josh decided on a 50 x 50 foot square. If you know my husband, you aren’t surprised. Go big or go home.  We are going to feed the county this summer. He also had to get manure and compost from our old neighbor (farmer), till it into the ground and get the soil ready for planting. That was all Step 3.

Last Saturday was Step 4.

An early morning trip to the greenhouse, adding a few more plants to our garden. Among other things, we are excited to try out watermelon, pumpkins and strawberries which are kids choices, of course, and new to us. I love all of the names of some of these veggies. For example, the 3 types of pumpkins we are trying out are called Jack-be-little (those cute decorative ones), Cinderella (very large) and pie (for baking I presume). I am excited to try arugula and cabbage for the first time and Josh is really into his hot peppers and yellow tomatoes. Deacon won’t stop talking about his carrots and Hunter is into green beans and being a big helper. Now, we water daily and pray for rain.

Sunday we planted! More soon.


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