Recipe- Healthy Creamy Broccoli Soup

Modified from a favorite Kraft recipe, this Soup is Mom and Baby approved!

I haven’t posted a recipe here in a while but I do love sharing my quick and easy, family approved, step by step recipes on my Instastories. Today we are all home with all schools closed due to the freezing temps. It was -10 this morning!! So we needed something warm and pleasing for the whole family. Bonus- Wyatt is 10 months old and he absolutely loved it. This soup is high in Vitamin A and C and has 5 veggies, low in fat and is filling!

Pro Tip- I set some of the cooked broccoli aside and don’t blend it to give the soup a bit of chunky-ness to it and so that it isn’t completely like baby food.

You can also make this soup with asparagus, cauliflower or add a protein to it.

Also, with my new Ninja Bullet that I got for Christmas from my parents, I bought this book. It has a similar recipe in it. I love making smoothies and can’t wait to try out some more recipes!

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