Apps for Moms

Aside from the usual email, Facebook, weather, Apps, I am interested in learning more about what other Mom friends consider a time saver or super helpful App.
These are my current, usual favorites-

  • Google photos- backs up and saves all my (thousands) of photos so I never feel guilty for taking too many and never have to clear out my phone.
  • Fitbit- I never sit down, I might as well get credit somehow.
  • WordPress- I blog when something is on my mind and save in drafts until I can edit and schedule to publish later. I love this App!
  • Instagram- because how else would I keep up with photos of friends, family and get lifestyle, work balance, mommy tips?
  • Class Dojo- Updates from both Hunter’s and Deacon’s teachers and photo updates too!
  • Canvas- the LMS to keep up with my classes
  • YouTube- We dont give our phones to the boys except desperate times. They watch monster truck videos.
  • Outlook- because, work
  • Amazon shopping- for everything including our monthly subscription of coffee, toothpaste, basic household products and snacks for the munchkins.
  • CVS-  helps organize all of our prescriptions, and I save a bunch on the necessities, milk, etc.
  • Venmo- does anyone write check any more?
  • Duo- Allows us to video chat with friends, especially Uncle Kevin!

    So, let me know… what else am I missing out on? Thanks for reading 💗

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